The Passenger

The Passenger is a short series of photographs paired with the lyrics to Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger”. The series started as a way to explore some ideas I had about creating sci-fi images.

The original idea incorporated models wearing space suits closer to the NASA style seen in footage from the moon landings. I quickly realized I did not have the means to hire models and buy space suits. As a compromise I found these two Star Trek: Enterprise action figures. After a few modifications, I began photographing these figures in my backyard. I decided early on that I would keep the special effects as practical as possible. With one compositing exception, the only digital alterations are for color and exposure.

Using the lyrics was a late addition to the project. It wasn’t until I was editing the first photos while listening to Spotify that the marriage of the two occurred. Using the lyrics guided the story that emerged visually. The initial concept did not include any form of narrative structure. Finding the lyrics that worked to illustrate each photo guided the emerging story and influenced later photographs as they were being taken.