Artist’s Statement:


My mission as an artist is to boldly go into areas unexplored and find my place in this world. Exploration means being unafraid of new things, and I try to always keep that in mind as I work in various mediums. I love to adopt unfamiliar techniques and styles as I explore ideas and visually represent moments in life. This journey has allowed me to embrace a philosophy of “whatever happens happens” and not be afraid of failure.


About the artist:


I am a visual artist working in Central Virginia. While primarily a painter, I enjoy working in other mediums and can be found experimenting with techniques. I first developed my love for art by watching Star Wars. As a young child, I could never articulate my fascination with the visuals presented in the series of movies, but I understood that someone had created everything from their imagination. As I’ve grown older, my love for concept art has continued to grow. And while I do not create concept art, the roots of my artistic imagination are there.

Bob Ross sparked my interest in painting. I watched him for many years before getting my first set of paints. However, my love for science fiction and my emerging interest in surrealism by Salvador Dali pushed me away from the traditional landscape painting of Ross.

Over the years my work has transitioned from purely abstract work to more representative, loosely impressionistic. Along with this shift, I have begun to create several short series of pieces that incorporate a central theme. Sometimes this theme is a song, such as The Passenger (click here), or a conversation, such as Time and Memory (click here). It can even be based on a television show as Adrift in the Expanse was.